Account Management Programs

| Revenue Growth | Sales Optimization |
The average sales call costs hundreds of dollars, and the cost continues to rise. Furthermore, most field sales teams have hit maximum capacity and are struggling to cover their current customer base.

Account management economically integrates sales & marketing resources (i.e., digital, phone and field) based on an account's economic value. As a result, higher value accounts receive more proactive contacts than lower value accounts.

Most companies that implement an integrated account management program are able to deliver more proactive touch points to customers, at a lower expense-to-revenue ratio. Additional many companies benefit from a reduced cost per contact while accelerating revenue growth.

Integrated account management programs help companies deepen their relationships with current customers, even in relatively complex environments and business applications. A well-designed program will help you better utilize your field sales team, grow your existing accounts and build more lasting customer relationships - all at a lower expense-to-revenue ratio.