Account Penetration Programs

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Most sales and marketing professionals know that the biggest potential for revenue growth lies with existing customers. Two of the most effective ways for marketers to grow existing accounts is through product penetration and account penetration.

  • Product Penetration - Studies have shown that existing customers are typically the best source for future revenue. Because of the existing relationship, it typically is less costly to generate revenue from existing customers than from prospecting new customers. Yet, too often, customers remain an untapped asset. Product penetration is usually the "lowest hanging fruit" in a revenue growth strategy.
  • Account Penetration - In the business-to-business environment, customer relationships are often limited to one department or one group of buyers in a company. Yet, within that customer account, there are many potential buyers of a given product and service. As with product penetration, companies generally are more successful generating revenue by penetrating existing accounts than through prospecting. Yet, account penetration is an overlooked source of incremental revenue.

A product penetration and account penetration program will help grow your business and solidify customer relationships. Our analytical tools, communications plans, and relationship management programs will help you generate incremental revenue while increasing customer value.