Customer Insight & Analytics

| Buying Analysis | Customer Value |
Successful companies know that business growth isn't simply a matter of acquiring customers. It's a matter of acquiring the right customers and keeping them. To be successful you need to know who to target.

Our customer analysis tools help companies identify their best customers, determine how much they are worth and profile their key attributes.

  • Buying Analysis: Our buying analyses are designed to uncover areas that are jeopardizing the health of your business (i.e., defection); as well as identify opportunities for growing revenue (i.e., win-back, product penetration and account penetration).
  • Profiling & Modeling: We can help you profile your most valuable customers, identify their underlying characteristics and help you pinpoint candidates that most resemble your best customers. If you're focused on customer acquisition, our regression models can help you identify which prospects are the most profitable to target and which are costing you money.
  • Customer Value:  We can help you calculate the  value of your customers to optimize your CRM programs. Our pragmatic solutions will help you transform your customer value calculations into day-to-day marketing, communication and relationship management activities.
Customer analytics can help you gain key insights to build a solid foundation for acquiring the right customers.