Relationship Management Programs

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Companies who have implemented successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives know that to make CRM work, you have to affect many aspects of the organization. CRM initiatives that don't incorporate critical success factors often falter and fail.

Our solutions integrate the key ingredients of successful CRM programs including:
  • Vision & Objectives: A successful CRM initiative starts with a solid vision and clearly defined business objectives. Our facilitation tools and workshops will assist your management team in gaining a shared vision and building a solid foundation for your CRM strategy.
  • Business Processes: At the center of CRM transformation is a company's business processes. Our experience in designing and mapping CRM business processes will help you create customer value and generate incremental revenue.
  • People: At the heart of every CRM solution are people. Our assessment tools can help you identify the best candidates for your CRM program. Coupled with our training and coaching programs, your staff will be equipped to successfully deploy your CRM business processes.
  • Tools: The most successful CRM initiatives use a set of robust tools designed to create customer value while driving incremental revenue and profitability. Our repertoire of tools will help you identify your most valuable customers, increase productivity of sales and call center reps, and create customer touch points that deliver incremental value.
  • Technology: Technology plays a core role in any CRM initiative, allowing increased productivity and greater ability to manage customer relationships. By utilizing leading CRM technologies, your team will spend more time managing customer relationships and increasing customer value, and less time on non-value-added activities.